Progress Report

Progress Report

After 4 decades of cult status, a new innovator - Auto Mag LTD Corp. - has recently stepped up to revive the AutoMag while staying true to the historic essence of the product. The exclusive rights, plans, name, and spare parts were purchased from the Sanford family in 2015 to serve as the backbone of a new company based out of South Carolina. Since then, Auto Mag LTD Corp. has been busy reengineering the legendary firearm using the latest technologies in a state-of-the-art manufacturing

Auto Mag LTD Corp. is a firearms revitalizer with a mission to reinvigorate an American classic: the AutoMag pistol. To meet massive demand, we’ve obtained exclusive rights to the iconic firearm, its name, and reintroduced it to the market while making over 20 improvements. With improved design and functionality, the AutoMag pistol breathes new life into the look, feel, and value that Dirty Harry made famous through the pistol -- while not jeopardizing the historical essence.

It was in August of 2015 that I bought the assets of Auto Mag from the Sandford family. At the time I thought that we would take the 500 or so frames and left over parts and build them into 4-500 Auto Mags and that would be the end of this project. Obviously over time the original plan has greatly evolved to making a new and improved Auto Mag from new parts, using improved materials and manufacturing processes that mostly were not available back in the day of the original production. We also wanted to address some of the engineering issues that plagued the original Auto Mag while maintaining the original look and feel. I did not have a clue at the time what it would take in terms of time, resources and personal. If you would have told me I would have never even started but now that we have done it I could not be happier.

The last three constraints to production are the magazine, the bolt, and the frame.

Magazine- We have redesigned the magazine but have had multiple issues getting our vendor to do what we asked to the level of quality that we needed. They continued to make progress but they are still not making a consistent part so we just purchased our own Bliss 70C stamping press(see photo below) and hired a tool and die maker to help us produce this and almost all other critical parts for the Auto Mag in house. We will keep our current vendors to have a back up source of parts as well as to give us additional capacity. If the magazines are not ready when then gun is ready we will ship the first guns separately and the mags will follow.

Bolts- We had what we thought was a much improved bolt but while we were waiting for frames to be completed we didn’t some experimental tweaks the reduce friction and impact on the bolt rotation pin which in the past has cause an issue call frame ring bend(See image - Frame ring bend). We also noticed with hi-speed video that the bolt was bouncing back before it locked up. So we made a modification to to prevent this and the combination of these changes makes the gun lock up better and faster than any I have ever seen. (see video- Hi speed bolt bounce video demo)

Frame- Originally we were going to use the old frames we purchased but due to warpage and other problems we were losing over 80% of the frames in production. We were lucky enough to find the Hitchner frame mold. This was the first mold made(there were three) but this was the one used on the Pasadena series of guns and considered to be the best but it did have one flaw and that was the frame bosses were not exactly in the correct position so they had to be welded before they could be finished. After our first run of castings we found this and had the mold modified to allow for larger frame bosses so the cnc could cut them in the right position.
We also added extra material on thinner parts of the frame to allow the frame to cool evenly and prevent warping.(see photo -Improved wax master image & ) Finally, we added vacuum heat treat to improve the finish and prevent preciosity. Fifty of the latest version of the frames started being poured last Friday. We should receive them by the end of next week and start machining and tapping them for final assembly. As soon as we confirm these frame are correct they will start the next batch of 150. With no issues we could be assembling them over the following two weeks. 

Below are a few new minor improvements.
We also found the problem that has cause a number of original Auto Mags the fire out of battery. The original firing pin during development was increased in weight from 65 to 75 grains in an attempt to solve a reliability issue even though this was not the solution this version stayed with the design and if someone is to place a love round in the chamber without a magazine and drop the bolt the firing pin would inertia fire while the gun was out of battery. We made a experimental firing pin out of titanium and it weighted 42 grains and would not inertia fire however, it was so light that sometimes it would not dent the primer sufficiently to fire so we raise the weight to 55 grains and now it works perfectly without the ability to inertia fire. ( see video-1.Steel firing pin inertia impacting primer 2.Titanium firing pin)

We have had Wollf Spring custom make us all the springs for the Auto Mag closed ended /flat ground. This will prevent the open end springs from unscrewing recoil spring rods and causing other issues. (demonstrating the torquing effect of an open end vs a closed end.(See video-1open end recoil spring clocking demo & 2.Closed end flat ground recoil spring demo )

Once we complete the first 50 we will start offering the opportunity to purchase guns in order that you have signed up. Initially we will probably only sell them in batches of 100. You will be allowed 24 hours to order if you don’t respond we will assume that you are passing.

March, 2019

Improved wax master image

Frame Ring Bend

"I have wanted an Auto Mag for years, looking 
forward to the chance
to own one!" 

"Thrilled beyond words
to see this work of
engineering genius back!!!"

"Didn't buy one in the 80's
when I had the chance...
Would love to get one!"

"I always wanted one of
these, since I first saw
one in the early 80's.
Truly ahead of it's time. "

"I regret not purchasing
one when I had the chance back in the mid 70's ... I look forward to remedying this with
the new model. "

"This is a dream come
true! The Auto Mag is
my favorite handgun
of all time." 

"Sorry I didn't buy one back when I was in the 82nd Airborne, back in the 80's. Army buddy bought one, been thinking about it ever since." 

"Can't wait to
own one!"

"Take my money!"

"This in my opinion is the best looking semi-automatic pistol to this day, had the chance to fire off a full magazine when I was 15, I sitll want one. "

"The holy grail... I have dreamt of owning one."

"I was a huge Executioner fan back in the day. I always wanted to
own one "

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